Project management

The project management teams manage the details of a multi-site technology deployment on a large scale. The customer can daily focus on his core business activities and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unique point of contact
  • Scope of the project and deployment design
  • Documentation, including statement of work
  • Comments and continuous feedback from the client's project team in order to prevent errors or to mitigate the impact if it occurs
  • Activities coordination on site, incorporating site preparation and installation schedule
  • Logistics coordination, including equipment follow-up and requests for change management.
  • Maintenance

Experienced professionals will determine if a problem is related specifically to the software or simply to the environment. Users can contact the local support by e-mail or phone for any question. Each unit of the local support is in close collaboration with the product development teams. The maintenance contract includes the following services:

  • Technical support via telephone, email, teleassistance
  • Update software
  • User's Community
  • Extranet Portal on http://www.