General practitioners

Do you want to benefit from the latest regulatory evolutions?

MAIDIS Software is a complete tool, allowing you an administrative and medical management, result of the know-how of healthcare professionals from the field and computer science experts.


  • Allergist
  • Neurologist
  • Lung Specialist
  • GP
  • Gynecologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Urologist
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Rheumatologist
  • Cardiologist


The "Patient ID" module

  • Creation and management of the administrative patient record.
  • Creation of new patient file by Patient Id reading
  • Agenda:  Management of doctor and paramedical staff appointments

Several agendas can be managed by the secretariat

Distinction between several kind of appointments : consultations, private appointment, visits...

Communication between secretariat and doctor through the agenda: possibility to inform that the patient consultation is done, or that he is still in the waiting room.


♦ The "Consultation" module is organized in 5 parts : the reasons of the consutlation, the patient's complaints and symptoms, examination, diagnostic and action. All these data entries being assisted by lists from the medical thesaurus.

♦ The application analyzes the input and provides the most relevant answer among the thousands of lines of classification available. Through this method, with the use of a few keystrokes, the medical treatment required is found.

Patient record

♦ Shared record grouping together the whole information collected about the patient during his stays.
Composed of two tabs: one summary of the record and an exhaustive view.

Presentation completely configurable.

  • Possibility to name its own dividers
  • Possibility to organize its information

The user has at his disposal several data items to design his configuration and the way the information will be dispatched:

  • According to their kind: pathologies, acts, allergies …
  • According to their values: numerical values allowing one to define valuable ranges underlined in a specific way, textual values allowing one to underline some seizures, special log in from the CCAM or from the CIM10.
  • According to their membership in customizable data families: families of infectious diseases, lung affections, etc.

Then the user defines the chapters, colors and characters to be used, and can select to show the stays and the services of the patient.

Finally, it is possible to define several configurations adapted to the various habits, preferences and contexts of use. These configurations can be shared, exchanged, duplicated and each user can easily access all the configurations he has at his disposal.


The "Forms" creation module allows one to parameter the display of the medical records based on the specific needs of each user and to create protocols or specific questionnaires of consultation for various specialties.

♦ The different forms standardly delivered with MAIDIS, their logical connection and the questions they contain, are the result of a close collaboration with physicians in each specialty.

♦ This is a major advantage of the product due to the work and time that were required to establish such specialties records.

♦ The user has the possibility to use these forms as they are when the software is installed or to adapt them to match perfectly his daily needs. He can also create new ones for special needs without technical knowledge.

Document management

♦ The software manages the user contact list and automates the creation and printing of letters and reports. 

♦ The user can customize the header of the various standard letters included in the software and create his own templates, using all the presentation and page setting functions of the word processing Microsoft Word® and open office.

♦ The letters received can be scanned and inserted into the record.

Data transmission

♦ To help the user meet the requirements for the electronic transmission of care sheets, the software includes an electronic invoice module approved by the NADC and compatible with the main transmission networks as well as major Internet access providers.

♦ The whole electronic invoices, signed by the user "CPS" card are sent once encrypted in the evening.

Data exchange

♦ The software has a feature of medical multimedia messaging compatible with most Internet networks that enables one to exchange data with correspondents in all medical forms without safety problems (including files, text, sound, image, video).

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