Arcade was designed starting from the daily practice of the dental surgeons and a relevant sheme of the follow-up of the patient from his first visit to his care:

  • The balance sheet (state)
  • The quote (single or comparative calculation with units)
  • The treatment plan (planning and care)
  • Care



♦ The "Patient ID" module enables the creation and management of the administrative patient record. The schedule allows doctors and paramedical staff to manage the appointments. The schedule of several people can be managed by the secretary which includes different kinds of appointments: consultations, private appointments, appointment slots.

♦ A notification system between workstations allows the secretary to inform the doctor about his schedule for patients who are in the waiting room. Similarly, doctors can identify those whose consultation is completed through his schedule.


♦ The Consultation module allows the description of a complete medical examination thanks to the MSODA5 model and organized to follow up the patient's problems.
It begins with the reasons of the consutlation, the patient's complaints, symptoms observed by the physician, all these data entries being assisted by lists from the medical thesaurus.

♦ The ergonomics of the software was thought to allow an easy use, even for unacustomed to computer tools users. Many devices are thus triggered by the implementation when it detects that it can provide assistance to the user.

♦ For a data entry of consultation, for example, as the user enters data in his usual language, the application, based on a powerful search engine, analyzes the input and provides  the most relevant answers among the thousands of lines of classification available. Through this method, with the use of a few keystrokes, the medical treatment required is found.

Patient record

The patient record is composed of three tabs.

  1. The first one provides a Summary of the record, with a left part containing the essential information, grouped by chapters (the list of information included is bigger thanks to a set of filters) and a right part, the Chronology of Contacts, containing all the information of the patient record.
    The contacts are displayed in a reverse order
  2. The second tab, named Medical monitoring, contains all the essential medical information: pregnancy, blood type, intolerances, chronic treatments, risk factors, gynecological care for women, as well as biometric information (height, weight, body surface).
  3. The third tab, named Medical history,  contains the patient's pathological and surgical history as well as the family medical history.

Document management

♦ The software manages the user contact list and automates the creation and printing of letters and reports.

The user can customize the header of the various standard letters included with the software and create his own templates, using all the presentation and page setting functions of the word processing  Microsoft Word®.

The letters received can be scanned and inserted into the record.

Data transmission

♦ To help the user meet the requirements for the electronic transmission of care sheets, the software includes an electronic invoice module approved by the NADC and compatible with the main transmission networks as well as major Internet access providers. The whole electronic invoices, signed by the user  professional "CPS" card are sent once encrypted in the evening.

Data exchange

♦ The software has a feature of medical multimedia messaging compatible with most Internet networks that enables one to exchange data with correspondents in all medical forms without safety problems (including files, text, sound, image, video).

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