MAIDIS gets partnerships with key actors in the field of healthcare.

On the technological aspects, the R&D team works closely with leaders in the IT industry to optimize the “MAIDINA” platform:

  • Code optimization on multicore architectures with INTEL,
  • Development under environmental WPF with Microsoft,
  • Portal Integration with Oracle.

On the business aspects, our functional experts are working with healthcare leaders to integrate advanced functionality around the patient record:

  • Tools connection and warning messages management with Capsule,
  • Integration of the PACS with Telemis and GE,
  • SSO management with Evidian,
  • Integration of the drugs database with Vidal.
  • ...

On products and services aspects, MAIDIS has chosen to suggest Dell, IBM and Orange.
MAIDIS supports several initiatives such as IBM Alliance Club for the advancement of SAAS, the GIE SESAM VITALE.